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Acer Pull Aspire Notebook

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aceraspireAcer was forced to pull some Acer Aspire notebook series it from the market, related to complaints from customers who felt his own notebooks have overheated (excessive heat).

“It is our concern that some particular notebook Acer Aspire overheat problem. Therefore, we will voluntarily pull the products for safety with Acer,” Acer written statement, which quoted from the official website on Monday (12/10/2009 ).


Companies based in Taiwan was mentioned some Aspire series are drawn, including AS3410, AS3810T, AS3810TG, AS3810TZ, and AS3810TZG made before 15 September 2009.

This case due to the effects of having a microphone cable overheating, because working too much pressure.

Acer has also voluntarily implement proactive programs to replace the microphone cable in the affected units to eliminate the risk of overheating for the sake of safety.


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3 thoughts on “Acer Pull Aspire Notebook

  1. Emang bagusnya kalau blog itu pake bahasa inggris jadi ratingnya tinggi

  2. thanks for your share comment

  3. Acer AOD250-1197 10.1-Inch Blue Netbook
    great netbook, substandard os
    The computer itself is great. I love that its compact and has plenty of battery life. The touchpad is the least annoying of any laptop I’ve ever used. The windows 7 starter operating system, however is not. its a highly abbreviated version created for emerging markets in third world countries. There’s so much lacking. you cant even put up a picture on the desktop background. Save your money and buy the XP version. I wish I did.

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