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King of Spam Pay Fine of USD789 Million to Facebook

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spam kingU.S. court has sentenced to Sanford Wallace fined for intentionally sending proven spam messages to some Facebook users.

Nine MSN News was launched on Saturday (31/10/2009), Facebook declined to comment on Wallace’s behavior that claims itself as ‘spam king’. However, Facebook hopes that this event can minimize spam action is happening all over the world.


“This is a significant victory in the fight against spam in the world of action. We will continue to fight against spammers,” said Facebook’s attorney Sam O’Rourke.

The court decided that Wallace had been guilty of deliberately sending spam to some members of Facebook. Spam consists of promotion and marketing services. Wallace was ordered to pay a fine of approximately USD789 million to Facebook.

Wallace himself is a fairly spammers active since the mid 90’s. In fact, he claimed himself as king of spam. Before the defeat against Facebook, MySpace was first with its fine reward worth USD255. At that time Wallace was found guilty for sending pornographic spam and online gambling services into the social networking site owned by News Corp’s.

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