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Twitter become Hacker Target

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twitterMicroblogging site Twitter become favorite targets for hackers infiltrated the virus, which aim to destroy and take over the accounts belonged to public figure. Hacker attacks on Twitter using a variety of ways. One of them is by e-mail phishing scams. Thus, the number of Twitter users millions of these, sent a message that is not known.

The contents of the message, asking the user provides a password and some important information. Had revealed, if one of these attackers are hackers from New York, United States, aged 17 years. Until now, recorded as many as 10 thousand tweets (messages) are not known to spread in the environment of this mini blog users.In addition to being the target of hackers, Twitter is also prone to violent destructive worm infestation computer. This computer worm spread through Twitter to take advantage of features cross-site scripting (XSS). This worm will send messages to the Twitter users who are infected. They will send messages that promote site. This worm is designed to reproduce themselves as a Twitter user who clicks on the message.


At least 10 thousand infected message has spread. So, be careful for those of you who like Tweets. I suggest you always update your computer security system to prevent undesirable actions.

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