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the testimony about russian

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Умом Россию не понять
аршином общим не измерить,
у ней особенная стать,
в Россию можно только верить

26 November 1866, Fyodor Tyutcev

Describing the characteristics of Russian people is not easy, even impossible for themselves. i still remember, once open time when i chatting with someone at special moment and he invited me to following scholarship Russian. he gave complete information and motivation how to proffer test and better training to survive in Russia. what a great adventure, Allah Rabbuna  give me a wonderful city. the best city I’m in love “Moscow”

first in pressure in the first month, he coming to me as like as brother, just look around my faculty my friend my cafe and my kitchen, give advice how to cook, just at all . he suggest me to visiting mufti council in prospek mira, there is some one who looking for Indonesian women to be wife just response little smile, because he repeat the magic word from the first chat. Imagination when gone interviewed (test to scholarship in Russia) with promoted Mr. K, he prayed for me “may God give you Moslem husband in Russian”, because there is big potentials and amazing opportunities to made relationship between each country and very much similarity of culture

Let me say his nickname Mr A. after twice we meeting, then Mr. A get serious illness and didn’t able to continue final exam for candidate Nauka.

Mr. A give me recommendation relation with someone people can help me from student association, and staff local that working in Indonesian embassy. my plane landing in Domodedovo airport at 29 September 2011, winter season start for tropic women like me. i can’t going anywhere until 1 month and all document complete.

I don’t know what happen with me, and what high effect Mr. A because all of them very respect and make me comfort life in Moscow

first year enjoy in preparation class faculty Russian language. for second time me and friend going to Indonesian Embassy for ceremonial culture.  meet with wife Mr. AS and she sharing how to survive in winter. This second moment i hear she repeat magic word “there is muslim russian who looking for Indonesian women be wife then she suggest me to visiting mufti council in prospek mira.

What a poor girls, hard to find prospekt mira mosque. when there is no hope, so tired just wanna going back and then there is some one help me in the right time like angel from Allah Rabbuna. Alhamdulillaah

in women area, i have friend motherly, she is from Kazan and can’t read holy Qur’an. i offering to teach her in free time and let us travelling to mosque in Moscow

Let tell her name Amina. 3 month she was fluently hijaiyah and nice problem start from this step. she introduce me with some one, i call this step with “taaruf” and we talking in cafe to make fast plan for weeding haha.. i don’t know what expression, because there is nobody one who tell me procedures applicable laws married between country. Just nervous and stress to continuing next step. Amina always offering me with the other man and my body repeat with the same response when i didn’t get comfort. just say with Amina and her friend that my russian language worst and it will be a big problem how to be best friend with a couple.

in the second year i must doing some test to choose specialist subject, and need high concern. i change my daily activity, i following test to radio broadcast online. for 3 month i learn how to use program and make script easy listening and in the same time, my head in Indonesia instruction to founding central Islamic organization.

Let say so lucky me.. because Allah Rabbuna  always sent some people who have angel emphatic in the right situation, Alhamdulillah. They support to funding for the first step structure recognized on 7 december 2012. General secretary ask me pick up in airport Domodedovo and declare Muhammadiyah Russia

after announcement he give us advice and special task for me one step closer to local islamic centre and make good relationship, for a thousand-year and a thousand more, and one of you get marry with local muslim: crazy idea or infatuation, what the difference “just give me reason, close to me nothing empty streets” thinking away once upon time with Amina (how much again i must doing taaruf, what kind right man can make me in love like this natural city) after it, much more people who suggest me marry with local muslim in here.

let me honest, I’m so scared with russian people. I can’t imagine have best friend i mean close friend from russia.  whereas park kolomenskaya met with drunk people, he say today is his birthday and he will met god “recognition of the sin” and so happy with me because this first time see women muslim. he called me with mother Maria. he ask permit to kiss my hand for gift. at the same time i’m together with my friend russian language group. i can’t refuse, what a fool i’m….. he say thank you very much and say believe in taqdir and the resurrection after die, see you in heaven then he gone

Next experience involved helping my friend to “akad nikah” here. They are the student in Belgorod, and my head department asking me to coordination with Embassy and syeh Anas hazrat. this first time visiting mufti office, and Sheikh Anas give the book certificate of marriage and we take some a picture. it was last april 2013

I remember, i have imagined leader. the man from Russian, in love Indonesian culture especially Bali. favorite think listening to the jazz music and read book Leo Tolstoy, we meet in favorite place, right in library. important character in this view. what a respect and humble person, always care and ready to help. a genius high-tech and love me so much and learning islamic culture. finally i change my mind about Russian people, there someone special from God sent me strong feeling, trust in love.

I always repeat this situation when i make short story home work, we got married with happy ending ever lasting

imagined therapy useful to keep positive thinking in this winter culture and then Madam  diplomat introduce me with Russian people. surely never know how a big his feelings with me, but he send me strong signal. his eye shine have sincere chemistry, so when he would say “would you marry me” and then i have till finished enjoy studied in Russia.  just write this to control myself while never know what is ending story?

when i look at myself in the mirror i see a bright eyed clear skinned happy and healthy face. i haven’t seen a face like this on me for a long. what a gift from Allah Rabbuna  you are to me!

Allah Rabbuna  thanks for making me laugh along the way


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