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My name is Nurul Wirda and I was born in Jakarta, Capital city Indonesia, on March 23, 1982. I studied at madrasa when i was junior and senior high school. I then went to the Jakarta State University (UNJ) Jakarta in 2000. When I was studying at the University, I joined KAMMI (Unity of action Muslim student association) and BEM (student association of university). From 2004 to 2008 I worked for The Sekolah Rakyat Indonesia foundation School  for the poor.  I finished my master of Psychology from Social Psychology Department, Moscow State Pedagogical University. Thank to Russian cultural centre Scholarship for this opportunity.

I can be reached at,



  • MTs (Islamic Junior Hight School) Al- Hamidiyah boarding school  Depok, West Java, completed on July 1997
  • MAKN (Islamic Senior High School) Darussalam boarding school Ciamis, West Java, completed on July 2000
  • Jakarta State University,  Jakarta Indonesia Bachelor of Education, Office Administration, completed on March 2007

Skripsi : “Comparative analysis contextual teaching learning- (inquiry method) on result economic study at SMPIT (Integrated Islamic           Junior High School) Al- Fatih Tangerang”

  • Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow Russian Federation
    Master of Psychology, Social Psychology, completed on July 2014Title of thesis: “Comparative analysis of organizational culture in the religious Muslim communities in Russia and in Indonesia


Business Skills: Experience in Education, social and Project environment; able to work effectively and accurately in large complicated business accounts and strategic; able to work with multiple culture in small or large groups; knowledge of organizational Psychologist, Industrial management, counselor management, and research assistant

Managerial Skills: Leading the People, Monitoring, Recruiting, Gathering all potencies, Working toward Common Goal.

Strategic Planning, Defining Vision/ Mission, Monitoring, SWOT analysis, generating appropriate strategic, creating programs, implementing and controlling.

Computer skills: knowledge of Windows 8. Linux Debian, Proficient in Excel, Power Point, Microsoft Word, Microsoft project, HTML system, kingsoft, libreOffice, and ten-key entry by touch.

Language skills; Indonesia, English, Arabic, and Russian


Other Facts about me:

“Wirda admires her father. Her father was able to think and work up-to-date. She was a hard-working religious teacher, leader, and person. She love of buying books and reading them influenced me a lot. Her father was so organized and future-oriented; and Nur tries to follow her footstep hopefully be a wife with lovely husband, a motherly, a best seller writer.”

I have a dream to build a complete and modern library with reading room background classic live concert. a harmony between social character and intellectual need capacity.

when i get older, when i was not young anymore, i will spend my life with my happy family: live in little home with the green garden around, fresh, healthy, and beauty. Staying home with lovely husband, my beloved daughter, and son. home as a center activity and garden as a favorite place to talking, cooking, playing and enjoy reading.

  • About Blog

 “I want to share what I feel, think, see of what I have learnt and experienced to further my future environment within the country . I believe sharing is a good thing; it becomes a therapeutic process for me, and trying to always learn from nature and from life and useful to others too”


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  1. Terima kasih mbak.. atas share ilmu kesekretariatan..
    bisa kami sampaikan ke Guru2 SMK ditambah dengan pengayaan praktisi


  2. ass. sama bu, ibu di besarkan melalui pendidukan agama, dari tsanawiyah dan aliyah. tapi ibu sekarang mengajar pedidikan umum. salut deh buah ibu

  3. asalamualaikum…….